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Our Vision

At our core, we believe any commercial cleaner can achieve a business where they benefit from passive income from a portfolio they can be proud of. As a multi-billion dollar industry, there is plenty of money to be made and for small-medium sized commercial cleaning businesses to scale and take their share of the revenue.

It is our goal to help these businesses incorporate the strategies used by large corporations to build a sustainable model where they see exponential growth without sacrificing too much time or effort.

Our mission is to generate as much revenue as humanly possible for each and every cleaner who works with us, using our framework which we have created for any business to apply and see results. We strive for a future where expertise, resources, and opportunities converge, enabling anyone, regardless of experience, to thrive in the commercial cleaning industry.

Our Approach

Our approach comes from our years of marketing expertise which we have funnelled into the cleaning industry to create an ecosystem for cleaners to be able to streamline the whole process of a commercial cleaning business. We have created frameworks for all the necessary parts of a cleaning business to be able to generate the most leads, close the most deals, and secure long-term contracts to stack onto a big portfolio where cleaners can enjoy passive income.

We guide cleaners through every single step of the way, from the initial quotation all the way to maintaining their high-paying contracts and upselling to their current customers to add even more money to each cleaning contract. We have made our methods and strategies are applicable to all cleaners from people just starting up to large businesses wanting to scale even further.

ClickOne only works with a handful of cleaners at a time so that each business gets our undivided attention and effort to help you scale at full capacity. You can book a free discovery call today to see if you qualify to our standards to work with us.

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