Scale your business & add $100,000+ to your commercial cleaning portfolio

We are a commercial cleaning exclusive agency that combines years of marketing expertise with our experience in the cleaning industry. Through our countless hours spent in the industry, we have developed frameworks which we have made applicable to any person that has the ability to clean and access to transport to build a successful commercial cleaning enterprise.

Our team works closely with a range of cleaning businesses ranging from startups to larger franchises to help them scale beyond their current mark. We take businesses step-by-step through every single process of their business from the point of getting a lead for a cleaning quote, all the way to upselling on high-value contracts, and help optimise each process to scale your cleaning portfolio further.

Generated over $8.3 + million in sales for our cleaning clients

5/5 star Google rating from cleaners Australia wide

Won 13 digital awards and counting

We flood your pipeline with cleaning leads!

Experienced the growth of your dreams

We understand the difficulties that come along with managing a cleaning business. There are many aspects to it and its hard to become an expert in all of them, all while still cleaning. If you struggle with keeping up with sales calls, following up on your leads due to a busy schedule, marketing your business properly, or generating more commercial contracts, then we’ve got you covered.

ClickOne has developed a fullscale team and system that allows you to overcome all the challenges holding you back from growing your cleaning business, we not only provide you with the solutions to grow your business, we also teach you how so that you can continue to expand at a faster rate.

“…I could finally replace my fulltime job with my own business…”

The only commercial cleaning exclusive agency in Australia.

We only work with a handful of cleaners at a time so that we can dedicate our full time and attention to each client and help you scale at the fastest rate possible.

Get more leads, fast

We help you generate more commercial cleaning leads for your business through a range of marketing methods so that you can start closing more contracts.

Close bigger deals

Get access to our frameworks on sales to help you close more deals on the spot with your quotes and bonus templates to send along with quotations to start getting regular deals.

Upsell customers

We will teach you how you can start budgeting, gradually charging more for your services and upselling on your current clients to maximise your overall profits day to day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a marketing strategy specifically benefit my commercial cleaning business?

A tailored marketing strategy amplifies your business’s visibility, generating quality leads and lucrative contracts. It’s a roadmap to attract the right clients, scale your operations, and maximize your revenue potential.

What sets your cleaning marketing strategy apart from generic marketing approaches?

Our strategy is honed specifically for the commercial cleaning industry. It integrates our deep understanding of the industry with proven marketing expertise, ensuring a targeted approach that resonates with potential clients seeking cleaning services.

How quickly can I expect to see results from your marketing strategies in terms of securing cleaning contracts?

Results vary based on multiple factors, including your market, the strategy implemented, and your business’s current standing. Typically, with our strategies, initial traction can be seen within a week, and significant contract acquisitions can follow as the strategy gains momentum.

Are there any lock-in contracts?What kind of support or guidance do you offer?

We provide comprehensive support at every stage. Our team works closely with you, offering guidance, insights, and strategies tailored to your business’s needs. From lead generation to closing contracts and upselling, we’re here to help you navigate every step.

Can your strategies adapt to different-sized cleaning businesses?

Absolutely! Our strategies are flexible and scalable. We’ve successfully worked with businesses of various sizes, adapting our approaches to suit their unique requirements, whether it’s a startup aiming for rapid growth or an established franchise seeking optimisation.

How do you help generate leads specifically for commercial cleaning businesses?

We utilise a range of targeted marketing methods customized for the cleaning industry. From digital advertising and lead magnets to industry-specific outreach, our strategies focus on bringing high-quality leads seeking commercial cleaning services.

How can I qualify to work with you?

You can book a discovery call where we will analyse the state of your business and get a better understanding of your commitment to your business. This will help us determine if it is viable for us to help you scale further.

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