Certified Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Conversion-ready commercial cleaning PPC done for you

If you want to rank at the top of Google without waiting for months of SEO to come into play, then you can do just that with Pay-Per-Click ads. We will use our search ad framework to rank you amongst the top keywords and stand out from your competitors in your targeted industries where you will secure deals from businesses that have regular cleaning needs.

Why PPC?

Pay-Per-Click is one of the most effective way’s for B2B businesses to shoot up to the top of customer searches and is a channel best for capturing people who are actively searching for your business.

Securing contracts

Leads that come from Google Ads are the highest quality leads your business can get its hands on. Considering that businesses are actively searching for cleaning, any lead that falls into your pipeline will already have a need and will be a low effort to convert into ongoing contracts.

What’s included?

Campaign setup

We will create an action plan which includes a campaign-specific PPC ad setup for industries your cleaning business is targeting, including location filtering, audience targeting, and helping you maximise your pages to convert leads.

Data tracking

Our team will set up conversion tracking which will allow us to track data from the ads that we put live and allow us to get instantaneous feedback so that we can make any necessary adjustments initially to optimise your campaign further.

Keyword targeting

We will create a list of keywords for your campaign which we gather from our proven keyword targeting list which we have used in the past to fast-track the results for commercial cleaning businesses to secure valuable contracts from our search ad campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect results from the PPC ads?

Typically, you can start seeing initial traction within days of launching the campaign. However, precise outcomes can vary based on factors like industry competition and campaign optimisation.

What if I’m not sure which industries or locations to target?

No worries! We’ll collaborate with you to identify the most profitable industries and locations for your cleaning business. Our expertise allows us to suggest targeted strategies which have worked in the past.

Will I have control over my advertising budget?

Yes, you’ll have complete control over your budget. We work within the parameters you set and provide guidance to optimise your spending for the best possible results.

Can you help in refining our landing pages for better conversion rates?

Absolutely! As part of our service, we offer guidance to optimise your landing pages to ensure they are conversion-focused, driving maximum leads from your PPC campaign.

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