Weird Marketing “Hack” That Effortlessly Generates Commercial Contracts

Warning: Don’t waste money on any more marketing until you learn this!

“Digital Marketing”, “SEO”, “Facebook Ads”, “Lead Generation”, are just a few buzzwords we have overheard in recent times. With a large spike of marketing being outsourced in countries such as India, the quality of work and attention to detail has significantly decreased. Now we have reached a period of time in which we have an oversupply of marketing services. This spike has allowed for the birth of new and more effective marketing strategies the top Aussie commercial cleaning companies are using to take over the market.

Today I will reveal the secret formula we have used to break through commercial cleaning lead generation, which has allowed us to effortlessly generate deals without touching the keyboard. Large businesses are taking advantage of this ‘trick’ to streamline their lead generation and reach profit margins never seen before. Imagine you could get the same results as paying an experienced sales team to generate regular leads without paying any outrageous salaries.

Well, with this ancient marketing hack which I am about to reveal, you will be able to steal customers right off the market before they approach your competitors.

Through years of marketing with businesses and going through the wave of the digital era, we have discovered a massive gap in the commercial market which has allowed us to transform the way people reach their customers. We’ve worked closely with our telemarketing team over the years and have discovered a blueprint formula which has allowed us to break through generating leads for commercial contracts in almost any industry.

We have combined our affordable resources with years of expertise to create a telemarketing team with the same power as having your own sales team without paying any full-time salaries.

Now you are probably thinking, how did you do it?

Don’t worry, I am going to tell you all of the components we have combined to create our commercial cleaning lead generation magic trick, here is the secret.

The secret formula of our telemarketing team:

  • In-depth training period to adapt to each target market’s nuances.
  • A system-proven script model optimised for conversions.
  • Auto-dialler system for outreach in volume with a custom called ID.
  • Custom-filtered and manually scraped database for targeted outreach.
  • Personal manager for hired telemarketing resources.

Now we have made our resources available to the public for personal hire and we are giving it all away for a fraction of the cost.Click here to discover how you can hire your own telemarketer to start generating cleaning contracts effortlessly.